aretha franklin, norwegian death metal murders, leslie gore, roky erikson, kurt cobain, john lennon, phil spector, jim morrison, avicii, mozart

Season 4 – Death by Music Podcast

Season 4 covers a bunch of artists from all over the spectrum, and a lot of two parters. In Season 4, we’ve covered Aretha Franklin, the Norwegian Death Metal Murders, Leslie Gore, Roky Erikson, John Lennon, Phil Spector, Jim Morrison, Avicii, and Mozart. Jake has deemed the Mozart episode his favorite episode ever. The Kurt Cobain episode is a release from our Patreon 27 Club series. Also make sure to check out the 27 Club extras episode for information about other artists in the club that didn’t get full episodes. Cassie just had a bebe, so we paused for a while after this one. Find a host of minisodes recorded by Jake and Alex in the meantime on our Spotify.