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We got some listeners, so what the fuck is up? - Alex

You'll all have to buy cans of our farts. People do that. - Cassie

You'll all have to buy cans of our farts. People do that - Cassie

I'm Jake today, probably tomorrow - Jake

I'm Jake Today, Probably Tomorrow - Jake

A Little Description

Death by Music Podcast is covering your favorite musicians lives, careers, and deaths. The show started with a couple of morbidly curious music fans – we always hear about the 27 club, plus passing trivia facts about how musicians have died – but there’s so much more to these people than the way they died. Our goal is to paint a total picture and get to know our favorite musicians better. We want to get to know these artists for who they really were, and become more familiar with their music as well. All the death talk does get pretty depressing, so we like to sprinkle in mini episodes each week with music industry stories. We now have six seasons out now to listen to Death by Music Podcast for free on your favorite platforms. Check out Spotify, Apple, Google, Stitcher, iHeartRadio, and Amazon Music

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Doesn’t Matter if You Didn’t Ask for Weird Al Facts

Now seems like the perfect opportunity to give you a Weird Al fact, courtesy of Jake.™ Did you know that Weird Al recorded My Balogna in a bathroom? Did you know he doesn’t have to ask permission to parody artists from a legal standpoint but he chooses to anyway out of respect for the artist? Also, His parents picked out his first accordion from a door to door salesman? Additionally, Did you know that all the lyrics in his original song “Bob” are spelled the same backwards, as well as forwards? That was four facts, but now you know. Now, you can take these facts and tell your friends about the Death by Music Podcast.